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Science, Study & Intuition

The inspiration behind the formulas

Lemon Cure Cleansing Milk

bergamot • lemon • ocean salt • avocado • sunflower

When designing this formula, I knew immediately that the primary ingredient needed to be ocean salt. Having roughed myself up so many times over the years, I knew that salts are essential to relieving painful, inflamed skin and accelerating the healing process of open wounds. So why not apply that logic to cleansing our skin? Combined with the brightening power of lemon, our cleansing milk has quickly become a cult favorite for achieving instant glow and an even skin tone.

Briny and bright, our Lemon Cure Cleansing Milk is packed with citrus vitamins and oceanic sediment to gently dissolve impurities and replenish your skin's natural moisture balance– reducing the appearance of discoloration, wrinkles, and redness for a buttery complexion. Made with ultra-fine crystalline ATLANTIC SEA SALT that is rich with magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc. This salt is swimming with nutrients and minerals to draw moisture in while expelling debris out, rejuvenating the complete look and feel of skin. 


Morning Rose Facial Toner

turmeric • rose • mint • bergamot • lime

Craft-distilled from fresh and vibrant plant matter to hydrate and clarify, our Morning Rose Facial Toner is ideal for reducing the appearance of pores and refreshing the skin. Often overlooked, toning the skin in between cleansing and moisturizing is key to achieving a hydrated, balanced complexion. Made with ROSE WATER that blooms with antioxidants and fatty acids alpha-linolenic (omega 3) and linoleic (omega 6) to even out sun spots and hydrate the skin. TURMERIC distillate adds an anti-inflammatory and clarifying effect, soothing common skin irritations. Bolstered by skin-brightening BERGAMOT to sweep pores free of debris. A natural cleanser, bergamot is unrivaled in its ability to remove dirt and impurities. It is ideal in daily skincare for maintaining moisture and clarity.


Knitbone Repair Serum

comfrey • rose • meadowfoam

Oh the rose– literally my middle name. Roses have followed me all throughout my life, and my mother swears by their awesome healing power. For whatever reason, it took me a bit longer than her to come around to appreciating their magic. My sisters and I grew up drinking rose water, bathing with rose bath salts, and we were always charged with refreshing the rose bouquets in my mother's shop. Sometimes you need to be deprived of something to realize just how influential it is. When I first began formulating for Saint Alabaster, I struggled to find organic, untreated rose petals for my experimenting like the ones I grew up with. It seemed so bizarre to me, the rose is after all one of the most cultivated genus of plants in the world. Those meager market options spurred me to grow my own roses for my formulas, which turned out to be the first cornerstone of my business practice: Cultivation. 

My other star cultivation, Russian comfrey, adds substantial backbone to this sun-soaked potion. Comfrey is a delightfully nutritious, fuzzy-leafed plant that I grew up with. Sprained ankles and a myriad of other scrapes, cuts, and burns that my sisters and I collected were all treated by my mother using this medicinal plant. It contains mixed phytochemicals in varying amounts, including allantoinmucilagesaponinstanninspyrrolizidine alkaloidsinulin, and proteins, among others (wikipedia). The high mucilage and allantoin content in comfrey "knits" skin tears and accelerates open wound-healing when used topically according to folklore.. and every natural remedy book ever written.

Our Repair Serum is an antioxidant-rich infusion of vibrant plant matter to nourish and replenish, soothing inflammation and improving skin tone. Our champion base for this serum is a charming little flower known as MEADOWFOAM, which produces an emollient oil brimming with tocopherols (vitamin E). Enhanced with ROSE FLOWER and COMFREY LEAF to restore skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of scarring. This is a remarkable serum that helps to reduce the cosmetic appearance of skin damage, discoloration and wrinkles.


Thank you for reading this glimpse into my world.


Kenya Bonita

Wild Hearts | Wild Craft

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