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Taboo: The GI Track and Skin Care


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Taboo: The GI Track and Skin Care


As evolved humans, it’s totally normal to create every excuse in the world for why our unpolished appearance lacks, as long as it has nothing to do with poop. Yep, I said it, poop. As much as we never want to be reminded of our bathroom time, our colons and our pores are linked. My being rosy about that fact does you no service. So, here’s an honest account on some easy lifestyle edits to getting both your GI track and face glowing.

Some of us love juicing, cleansing, detoxing and such. If this is you, you’re probably a master at managing your digestion. Those of us who haven’t subscribed, don’t be intimidated. We at Saint Alabaster are not about radical change, we’re about achieving the highest quality of life. We’d like to list 6 keys that effect the GI track, and the lifestyle adjustments you can make to optimize them.

Keys to healthy skin and healthy GI:

  1. Circulation

  2. Stimulation

  3. Fruits and Vegetables

  4. Exercise

  5. Meat / Meat Substitutes

  6. Sugar and Sweets


1. Circulation

Blood flow transports toxins from our organs to our glands where they may be safely disposed of. When your blood flow is sluggish, toxins don’t move, and they proceed to infect their place of entry. 


  1. Peppers, baby! 
  2. Exercise
  3. Caffeine- in moderation, java nuts!


2. Stimulation

We are dormant blobs without physical stimulation, it’s a medical necessity for body function. The more in touch you are with your body’s sensibilities, the more likely those areas will stay healthy and active.


  1. Breathing exercises

  2. Meditation
  3. Massage


3. Fruit and Vegetables

Remember in elementary school, around fifth grade, when you had to take that super uncomfortable health class? Sex parts and body hair aside, we got deeper insights into how specific foods affect our body function. Here’s a brush up in case you were distracted by Kevin’s dreamy haircut.


  1. Eat vegetables and then fruit, not together.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast!
  3. Fruit activates, refined sugar constipates
  4. Alkaline / Acid-Balancing foods
    1. Asparagus
    2. Lemon
    3. Parsley
    4. Celery
    5. Zucchini
    6. Kale / dark leafy greens


4. Exercise

Perhaps the simplest, and most difficult, aspect of good health. We all know we should exercise, but there’s this thing called life and it keeps us busy. It is so hard to get into the habit of exercising regularly, I feel you. But once you take that monstrous first step, it becomes smooth sailing. This is because exercise makes our bodies FEEL GOOD.


  1. Sun Salutations (gentle yoga stretch/breathing combination of sun, downward dog, plank, cobra, and warrior poses)
  2. Take a 30 minute walk around your neighborhood, smell that wall of jasmine
  3. Swim combinations of back stroke and breadth stroke (froggy style)


5. Meat / Meat Substitutes

This is very important. With so many trends, processed foods and dubious information out there, making the right protein choices for your body has become an Olympic challenge. Here are my guidelines for making the healthiest choices for your body:


  1. Eat only whole-food sources of protein– no powders, processed substitutes or imitation meat. Substitutes and concentrations of protein are unnatural and very difficult for the body to process, which can lead to longterm trouble with kidneys, pancreas, liver and spleen. ˚
  2. Break it up–  Have a little protein with every meal and avoid binging on that bag of almonds. Too much of anything at once does no body good.
  3. Kefir, kefir, kefir. It’s a super-rich pro-biotic beverage stacked with less fat than yogurt and more protein than milk. 


6. Sugar and Sweets

You may be hip to the dangers of refined sugar, but how about those sugar substitutes? Here’s my list of favorite cane sugar alternatives that satisfy my sweet cravings without making my body a science experience:


  1. Beet sugar–  Ever wonder how French pastry is so satisfying without giving you a sugar coma? The answer is beets. Many have been saying it for years, and the USA is finally catching on to this healthier-source of nectar.
  2. Honey– It is full of so many nutritious plant pollens and immune system-supporting goodness. 
  3. Maple syrup– it’s like rocket fuel for your body. The Master Cleanse (lemonade diet) works for a reason!


  1. Artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Equal, Sweet&Low, Aspartame etc.)˚˚
  2. Stevia (it is TERRIBLE for your spleen!)˚˚˚
  3. Chemically-altered sugar. Please, don’t allow yourself to be a lab rat to these big companies who want to keep you consuming their sugar products.˚˚˚˚

All of the above may or may not be right for your body, only you and your physician can know that. These are just tid bits of wisdom I’ve picked up walking my own journey to healthy mind, skin and body. If you have any serious concerns about your nutrition, consider making an appointment with a licensed professional over following advice from the internet.