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Better Out Than In


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Better Out Than In


The path to natural is not always a garden of roses. The reality is that skincare is not skin deep, and neither are you, darling.

If you’re serious about taking better care of your skin, but struggle getting the results you want, your expectations may be what is setting you up for failure. 

Happy skin is healthy skin, sometimes it takes a major lifestyle change to get there. Babes, I’ve been there! It wasn’t easy navigating through tons of internet misinformation while experiencing what felt like nuclear war on my face. Now having walked through the fire of my own mistakes, I’d like to make that journey as gentle as possible for you. Here are my top 5 tips for getting through the natural skincare switch with grace:

1. Quit the junk

Let’s talk about junk food. Junk food is not just french fries and milkshakes, we’re talking about processed foods in general. When you fill your body with, let’s say sliced American cheese, you are filling yourself with a substance that is foreign to your digestive system. When your body doesn’t recognize a substance you give to it, it doesn’t know how to process it. Sticking to natural foods is like putting premium gas in your car, it optimizes performance. A good rule of thumb to remember when beginning a healthy skin diet is that vegetables kick up toxins, fruit flushes them out. Try to eat them in that order for best results.

2. Easy does it

It’s tempting to go cold turkey once you discover that your favorite products are filled with junk. From experience, try not to scratch that itch. Just like cooking a good roast, you want to go low and slow when phasing out toxins. An abrupt change in your skincare routine may yield some unfavorable results, like unsightly breakouts and erratic changes in oil production. Try adding beets (blood cleansing root vegetable) in your diet to help your body detox, and gradually reduce your use of the junk product.

3. Better out than in

Of course, we all want the unicorn experience where we start using natural skincare products and instantly we are transformed into glowing goddesses. That scenario is possible for some, but if your skin is anything like mine, we don’t get let off that easy. Your skin is an organ of elimination, if your body is filled with junk, junk will come out. These symptoms WILL PASS (especially with the help of a licensed, natural aesthetician!), but try to maintain realistic expectations about your personal detox process and remember, junk is better out than in.

4. Hydrate

Keeping your body well-hydrated is like a feast for your skin. Drinking plenty of water will help your collagen to maintains its plumpness, help to control oil production, and to optimize cell regeneration. Now, I’d like to share a personal experience as a cautionary tale: I used to see a “nutritionist” (this person was not a licensed professional, I found out). When I started my nutrition plan with this person, they told me to drink lots of water.. 3 liters a day in fact. I complained to them several times that I felt heavy, I had abdominal and flank pain, and I had physical trouble swallowing all of this water. Long story short, my body could not absorb the water I was drinking, and I now have permanent kidney damage from drinking too much of it. Please, do not ever feel obligated to drink any specific amount of water because someone told you to. Listen to your body, not what someone (even me) says is in your best interest, because only you know that. Today, I drink water with lots of lemon juice in small amounts all throughout the day- that’s what works for my body. 

5. Sleep

I for one am overjoyed by the rising popularity of sleep. Like many, I was brought up with the idea that if you’re not over-worked, you’re not working hard enough. Bye bye to that nonsense! Maintaining your health and happiness spurs mental productivity, cell regeneration, and promotes bodily harmony. If you haven’t made the switch yet, try starting your day well-rested and experience the difference for yourself.