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The Story of Saint Alabaster


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The Story of Saint Alabaster


It started like most great things do, completely by accident.

Saint Alabaster founder and AIS-Certified Sommelier (wine scholar) Kenya Bonita has married her wine + agricultural knowledge with her passion for conservation to create a line of skincare that performs without consequences. Every Saint Alabaster formula is 100% biodegradable, and each product is offered with a refill-and-recycle option on every order. 

A Transition from Sipping to Sifting

In 2015, after years of study, Kenya achieved her status as a Silver Pin-Certified Sommelier. That same year, she succumbed to nerve disease and was retired from the service floor. Reminded of her grandfather's booming voice as he'd call, "get up, girl" anytime she was bucked from the saddle, Kenya picked up her botanical books and read her way home: back home to big skies, where she'd pick wild herbs with her aunt until sundown, and wake by the cool morning light to the sound of elk splashing in a nearby creek. These memories from her family ranch inspired her to create a line of skincare made with ingredients grown using her family's wisdom, skincare that shows its strength with simplicity. Kenya began cultivating botanicals for her formulas using unique minerals and plant matter in her soil, much like a winemaker would do in the vineyard. She recalled the lessons of her elders, and of her scholars, heeding always to make use of degrading matter, and to maintain biodiversity.

Wine, Skincare, and Advocacy for Mother Nature

Saint Alabaster was established in 2015, and launched its first line of skincare products in 2017 as a zero waste operation.

Our lifestyle of multi-purpose and minimal waste may not appeal to some.. but we love choosing conservation above convenience. We like healthy, happy skin without fuss. All are welcome in the world we are creating.

There is a wine and spirits industry term categorizing the products of pot-still distillation: The Head (bi-product), The Heart (finished product), and The Tail (bi-product). Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Saint Alabaster is The Heart of Kenya’s craft.